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Can you list your top three childhood memories? 
At least one of them was Christmas, right?  


At Ma Hila's Heart Project we bring Christmas year-round to our families battling childhood, adolescent, and young adult cancer.  It takes a large community of volunteers to support our efforts and we welcome you to join us. The success of Ma Hila's Heart Project is made possible by our amazing volunteers and donors. 

  • Do you like wrapping presents?

  • Do you like handwriting greeting cards?

  • Do you like creating photo memories?

  • Do you like to read stories to kids? 

  • Would you like to join Ma Hila's Heart Prayer Circle to pray daily for our families?

These are just some of the fun things our volunteers do to support our families.  Be part of something bigger than yourself, that will warm your heart and give you a lifetime of sweet memories!

Fill out this form to become a part of the Ma Hila's Heart Project Community!

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