Survivor's Way

Our Survivor’s Way program is designed for families that have fought and conquered childhood, adolescent, or young adult cancer

It is a celebration of life after cancer that includes a festive and fun "Ringing of the Hearts Ceremony." 

Generally, this celebration is two-fold:

  1. Ring the Bell Ceremony - this is a custom that most hospital's enjoy performing.  It is a momentous occasion as many of the hospital's team of professionals who walked the cancer journey with the family are present and celebrate with them. While the hospital sponsors this event, Ma Hila’s Heart Project stands ready to support in whichever way the hospital and family desires.  

  2. Ringing of the Hearts Ceremony - this event is unique to Ma Hila’s Heart Project. Generally, this event occurs at a venue of the family’s choosing. The child and their family are able to enjoy a momentous celebration with their extended family and friends.  

How we help Survivor's Way program participants:

  • Batman & the Alliance

  • Mariachi’s

  • Catered Food

  • Games & Fun

  • Paws for Pets 

  • Santa Claus

Quite often, the expense of the celebration is minimal, so the “Cancer Conqueror” is gifted with a special request of their choosing (as long as it is within the budgeted amount).   


*We only accept referrals for this program from our hospital partners.

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