Luis's Story

Meet Luis Dubon Vargas

“Luis is the sweetest boy ever,” said Clarissa Encino of Children’s Hospital of San Antonio, where he is being treated for T-cell lymphoma.

Seven-year-old Luis and his family migrated here from Honduras recently.

When Luis and his mom were asked what they would like from the Ma Hila’s Heart Blessings Way program, their biggest hope was for warm clothes to get them all through the frigid wintertime. “Is it too much to ask for them to get shoes too?” asked Sister Patricia on their behalf. “No,” we said, “whatever they need.”

We also took care of their water bill, electricity bill, and one month of rent. The family was elated. Sister Patricia said, These are the miracles God does. I thank God for these kinds of miracles where a family only saw darkness, and now great lights are shining in heaven for them.