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Gloria’s interview with Baron Wiley

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“Do you believe?” - Ma Hila
”Yes, I believe!” - Nena
— Then put the Heart where the Hurt is




My mom was a very faithful person. She taught me how to be faithful. My earliest remembrances are watching Billy Graham Crusade on black and white TV, as well as learning to pray the rosary around Mom and Dad's bed. She taught me all through life to depend on my faith, and to depend on my God. Mom was a pillar in our community.  Because of that people looked to her for guidance and prayer. She was a fierce Woman of God but very humble and meek at the same time. Mom was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in April of 2010. Said her Doctor at MD Anderson “You have pancreatic cancer and the prognosis is nine to twelve months.”   Pancreatic cancer is one of the worst kinds of cancer.  By the time they find it, it’s already too late.   With a firm but soft voice, “Doctor, it’s okay. I am ready to go home.  Just promise me one thing, that I do not receive pain medicine because I want to offer up all my pain and suffering for the souls of Purgatory. I know what to expect because my mom died of pancreatic cancer and my grandmother did as well.”

Mom actually lived for only 3 months more.   In her last days and in sheer pain, Mom whimpered in pain and ever so faintly asked “Yo quiero mi corazon de Ma Hila”.  Her tribe of girls, all of 6 of us could not understand what she was asking for.  My Mom’s favorite and soul sister was asked to come and help us.  Aunt Margaret gingerly asked “Nena (that’s what they called her), que quieres?”  Again responding “Yo quiero mi corazon de Ma Hila”.    

My Aunt Margaret started to tear up as she began to explain.  “When we were little girls and one of us got hurt, we would rush into our grandma’s house.  We called grandma Ma Hila. Ma for Grandma and Hila was her name.  Imagine your mom at six years old running into the house and crying out to Ma Hila, only to hear the response “Come close little one. Tell me what happened.”  And she would sit her close to her and the entire time that mom at six years old was telling her what happened Ma Hila did this really interesting thing. She would take red construction paper and cut out a heart shape.  Just about that time, Nena was finished telling her about the horrible accident.  Ma Hila would then excitedly say “Okay mija, you told me what happened.  Now we’re going to pray and ask God to help you feel better. Do you believe that God will help you feel better, Nena?”  Nena said as an expectant child “Yes Ma Hila, I believe.” They closed their eyes.  Ma Hila whispered a prayer.   

A few seconds later, Ma Hila asked Nena “Do you feel better?”  Eyes wide opened, Nena joyfully responded “Yes, I feel better.”  With a big smile on her face, Ma Hila then told her little grandchild as she passed the simple but incredibly significant little heart “Nena, any time it starts to hurt again, I want you to PUT THE HEART WHERE THE HURT IS, and REMEMBER THAT GOD IS ALWAYS WITH YOU AND HE IS HELPING YOU FEEL BETTER.”

Mom, at the tender age of 76 whimpering in pain because pancreatic cancer was ravishing through her body…remembered what gave her comfort during her tender age of 6.  

Mom became an angel on July 30, 2010.   Not a day goes by that I don’t think of her and many times feel her close.   In her legacy of community service and in honor of this beautiful story, I created the “Ma Hila’s Heart Project Foundation”.   

Our mission:

To inject “medicine for the soul” (which I believe is love, hope, joy) into the lives of others who are in need of comfort. 

Our vision:

We fulfill this mission by impacting 7 causes:

  1. Children battling cancer

  2. Elderly

  3. Homeless

  4. Hungry

  5. Mental Illness

  6. Wounded warriors / First Responders

  7. Battered Women & Children

How we fulfill our mission: 

Ever hear of Random Acts of Kindness?   

We create PLANNED Acts of Kindness. 

We bring awareness to the cause.  

We bring the community at large together to wrap our arms around those affected within these causes. 

Mom “Nena” holding her Ma Hila’s Heart.  Tender moments of Hope - Love - Joy (and tears)  before her welcome into the arms of Jesus.

Mom “Nena” holding her Ma Hila’s Heart.

Tender moments of Hope - Love - Joy (and tears)

before her welcome into the arms of Jesus.