What is “Christmas in July”?

“Christmas in July” is a unique event because it gives the greater community in San Antonio the opportunity to come together and “wrap our arms around some very important families”.

Last year there were a total of 42 sponsors (including businesses, churches, non-profits, and individuals) who came together to bless 17 children battling cancer (and their families).

This year, we will serve 28 families with a weekend experience along our beautiful Riverwalk. This all expense weekend experience will include: hotel stay, full course meal at a fine dining establishment, river parade, shopping, a two hour event filled with superheroes, balloons, pets, makeovers, photobooth, DJ & dancing, and so much more.

How To Get Involved

Simply click on the selection below that best fits, and let us know a little bit about you.

That’s it. We promise to be in touch soon thereafter.

Memories from our Christmas in July 2017

There are two reasons that we decided to create the spectacular season of Christmas during the heat of the summer:

  • We kept hearing over and over that so many people focus on kids battling cancer during the traditional holiday season, but hardly any during the heat of the summer.

  • We want to create “Christmas” memories for a lifetime for the family, as we all know sometimes life is too short.

The young VIP guest (above) with her arms wide open for Santa Claus, Rachel, (in this still shot) went home to be with Jesus a few months after this event in 2017.

“Where’s Cleto”? The day before last Christmas (in July) he was at Santa Rosa Children’s Hospital talking with this VIP guest - MaryAnn. It was so moving, his cameraman John King wanted to sing her a song. Listen.