"Do you believe?"

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Pancreatic Cancer ravaged through Mom’s body. Prognosis was 9-12 months according to the MD Anderson doctors. She lived only 3. Her faith and hope were always bewildering to me, much like so many who live through - no, shine through the hardest of predicaments / prognosis. Her determination to die as gracefully as she lived inspired me for a lifetime.

I have to believe it’s the words that Mom told herself that allowed her to die gracefully from this world. Her love for Jesus was palpable. The visions she had of her loved ones who went home to heaven before her brought her such joy…even through the horrible pain that pancreatic cancer brings. Through our tears and her pain, Mom tried to comfort us by telling us that she had to go home to heaven so that she could help us here.

Indeed, she’s my guardian angel.

I penciled these words a few weeks after Mom died, while imagining the immense freedom that sheer faith brings to those suffering. It’s a mantra of sorts…

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