An Open Letter from the President of the Ma Hila’s Heart Project

  Although new to the Non-Profit world, my heart feels very much at home.   I was raised to think of others before me and to always give into the lives of others. 

 What makes this experience so incredible are the stellar individuals that comprise our Board of Directors, Advisory Board, and Prayer Council - all movers & shakers in the community.    I am honored to sit at the table with each of them.  

 With God’s graces, we are a team that designs and executes huge planned acts of kindness.  

 It is my greatest privilege and honor to share what stellar work and what an amazing individual that Yolanda Valenzuela, President of Alamo City Consultants is for the Ma Hila’s Heart Project.    Her expertise and wisdom are intuitive and intentional.  Her reputation within the NPO world and within the local media world speaks for itself.  Yolanda’s efforts have definitely taken us to the next several levels of NPO success, and we are a very young organization.   Kind of feels like we won the lottery… I prefer to call it DIVINE FAVOR.

There are huge successes in our storehouse because of Yolanda’s efforts that we cannot share yet.   Here are some of the successes that we can share now.  She’s been able to accomplish all of this within just a few short weeks:

Congratulations, Yolanda, on your many successes with the Ma Hila’s Heart Project.  

Thank you from the bottom of our Hearts…We are just getting started!


“Christmas in July” is proof of that.   On July 13th, the ballroom at the Hyatt Regency on the Riverwalk will turn into a Winter Wonderland for 28 kids battling cancer & their families.   Santa and all of his friends will be there to celebrate Christmas with these kids who candidly may not be here for Christmas in December.  

Our friends in the hospitality industry will also join us as 16 of the finest hotels and 16 of the best restaurants along the Riverwalk will sponsor a staycation for these 28 families.   Complimentary river barge rides as well as retail gift cards will be had by all.  Indeed the weekend will be a special time for these families to get away from it all for a while and let the giving community of San Antonio wrap our arms around them.  

Our team is excited and stands ready to execute such a sweet and purposeful event.     It will be game changer for many of them, with warm and beautiful memories to last a lifetime. 

Bringing the story of Ma Hila’s Heart and our mission of injecting medicine for the soul into the lives of others who are in need of comfort into the social consciousness….well, that’s got to be the biggest challenge of all.