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There are two reasons that we decided to create this special event during this time of the year:

1. We kept hearing over and over that so many people focus on kids with cancer during the holiday & Christmas season, but they get almost no attention during the summer time. We wanted to make a difference.

2. We found out that there is a high possibility that their VIP child may not live through to December, and so these precious families live throughout the year with the possibility of not celebrating Christmas together. We wanted to make a difference.

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This year, we will serve 28 VIP families with a weekend experience along our beautiful Riverwalk.

This all expense paid weekend experience will include:


To give you an idea of the spirit of

LOVE - HOPE - JOY that is shared at this special event,

take a look at our last “Christmas in July”.

The day before our last event while on “Where’s Cleto?”, the cameraman John King was so moved he asked if he could sing a song for Mary Ann. Enjoy…